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World's largest Legoland Water Park opens in Malaysia

The inflatable-armbands community is rejoicing -- Asia's first Legoland Water Park opened in Malaysia this week. With more than 20 water attractions, 70 Lego models and 3 million liters of water, the 300,000-square-meter space is the world's largest Legoland Water Park, say park officials.

Before you get too awestruck over such a grandiose claim to fame, it's worth noting there are only two other Legoland Water Parks in operation.

Both are in the United States -- one in California, the other in Florida.

Still, this place is impressive. Especially for the under-12 set.

Apart from water slides and pools, one of the coolest attractions of the Legoland Malaysia Water Park is Build-A-Raft River, which lets kids put together their own raft made of soft Lego bricks and float through the park via a slow-moving current.

The Joker Soaker is an interactive platform in a wade pool where kids can shoot water cannons as a jester tells jokes -- family-friendly ones, naturally -- as it unleashes 350 gallons of water upon their gleeful (or horrified?) little heads.

For toddlers, the Duplo-themed play area has smaller slides and characters modeled after those found in Lego sets -- an alligator, polar bear and elephant.

The new Legoland Water Park has two restaurants, private cabanas for rent and a store.

Legoland Malaysia hotel to open next year

The water park is the latest addition to the Legoland Malaysia Resort, which opened in September of 2012 in Iskandar, in the state of Johor.

A hotel, the final phase of the resort, will open in early 2014, say officials.

About 50 kilometers from central Singapore, the 30-hectare theme park is made up of more than than 50 million bricks and has 40 rides, shows and attractions.

Legoland Malaysia is the sixth theme park for the brand, joining properties in Denmark, England, Germany and two in the United States.

Visitors can access the water park from outside as well as from the theme park, though extra tickets are required.

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Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/22/travel/legoland-malaysia-water-park

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