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Malaysia-Work-PermitImmigration to Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country and a very popular for who skilled workers who want to migrate. Working in Malaysia does not only give a quality of life but the skilled worker can also enhance the beauty of the country and also adventure. Malaysia provides employment opportunities and the cost of living in the country is relatively low. Working in Malaysia also has added advantages such as the skilled worker is provided with excellent health care facilities and excellent education facilities for the children of the skilled worker. As Malaysia is a developed country so the change in the transition is not too much to handle.

Work in Malaysia

Work in Malaysia for Indians can only be possible when the companies in Malaysia are ready to hire foreign skilled workers in place of Malaysians. Malaysia Work Visa for Indians can only be granted if the skilled worker has the required education qualification, work experience that matches the standard of the Malaysian companies.

As Malaysia is a land of opportunities to the foreign skilled workers, every skilled worker must attain in a Malaysia work permit.

Malaysia work visa allows the international skilled worker to enter the country and work for the Malaysian company.

There are different types of work permit for Malaysia

The government of Malaysia has three kinds of work visas

  • Professional visit pass
  • Temporary employment pass
  • Employment pass

Professional visit pass:

This pass is issued to the foreigners who are employed in an overseas company but working with the company in Malaysia.

Temporary employments pass:

This pass is granted for the semi – skilled worker in the manufacturing agriculture and construction and services fields.

Employment passes:

This pass is granted for those who want to work in Malaysia and who have met the general requirement of skills or managerial positions.

Malaysia Work Visa Requirements

The following are some of the required documents that the skilled worker has to submit.

  • Application letter and appointment letter from the employer
  • Acceptance letter or employment contract
  • Completed visa application form
  • Approval letter from the ministry of home affairs
  • Receipt of the payment of the application
  • Copy of applicants valid passport
  • Applicant’s CV and qualifications
  • Health report from applicant’s country approved by the Malaysian ministry of health Financial funds

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