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Visiting Malaysia? Going to Kuala Lumpur? Don’t miss Malaysia’s National Mosque; Masjid Negara. It comprises of 48 smaller domes around it, making it the most visited site in Malaysia. It is near the old railway station which is towards the end of Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin. Travel Diaries: Masjid Negara (Malaysia)The mosque is spread across 13 acres, it can accommodate 15,000 people. It features abstract shapes and geometric lattice which is incorporated in its roofing and not to forget ironworks. The most intricate part of the mosque is the Grand hall. It has walls which are decorated with the verses of Quran. It was designed by a British architect Howard Ashley and two of the native architects, Hisham Albakri and Baharuddin Kassim. The Minaret of the mosque is the most astonishing feature of the KL skyline. In 1987 the mosque underwent extensive renovation and pink tiles were changed to blue. The shape of the roof is like a seven- point umbrella shaped annex. There is an underground passage from mosque to the old railway station. If you are planning to visit this mosque prepare yourself with appropriate clothing. If you are ill prepared then collect robes and scarves at the entrance. It is the most important place for all the visitors across the world.

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