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Malaysia Work Permit application process is easy with Opulentus

Have plans to work in Malaysia? Need information about Malaysia Work Permit? Well, read on to find about its requirements and its types.

Why Malaysia?

Known for breath-taking landscapes, amazing resorts, soaring skyscrapers, craggy mountains and sandy beaches, Malaysia is a place that has much to offer for everyone. There are many reasons to choose Malaysia immigration, which includes superior living standards, enormous job opportunities and excellent work-life balance.

Malaysia Work Permit

Overseas nationals who wish to work in Malaysia must obtain a Malaysia Work Permit to ensure legal entry to the country. However, the companies are subjected to a number of restrictions to hire overseas workers. Employers interested to recruit international workers must prove that there is no local employee available to fill the position and the necessity of overseas employee is high.

Malaysia Work Permits are issued for at least six months and up to five years, depending on the length of the work contract and visa type.

Different Types of Malaysia Work Permits

Malaysia Work Permits are mainly classified into three types, there are:

Professional Visit Pass

Professional Visit Pass is for foreign nationals who are employed by an overseas firm but working with a company in Malaysia. In general, this type of Malaysia Work Permit is ideal for technical experts, trainees and volunteers. Immigrants whose work contract is between six months and a year can apply for this visa.

Temporary Employment Pass

Temporary Employment Pass is for unskilled or semi-skilled people, who are set to work in manufacturing, service, agriculture, and construction sectors. The salary for these professionals is RM5,000 per month. This type of Malaysia Work Permit is valid for a period of three years with the possibility of extension.

Employment Pass

This type of Malaysia Work Permit is for people who have extraordinary skills mostly in technical and managerial positions. Generally, the visa will be granted for a period of two years. Before granting the Employment Pass, the employment of the foreign national must be authorized by the Expatriate Committee or the relevant regulatory agency.

Malaysia Work Permit requirements

The following are the few general requirements that should be met by the applicants of Malaysia Work Permit:

  • Letter of employment and application from the employer
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Approval letter
  • Medical report

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