Travel Diaries- Redang Island Malaysia

 This majestic island is situated 45 km away from the mainland of Malaysia. The closest point is Tanjung Merang (22 Kms).

Redang-Island-MalaysiaIt is believed that people from Celebes (Indonesia) were the first settlers on this island. Many of the descendants are working in the tourist trade in Redang whereas many people have moved to the mainland of Malaysia.

The water is pure and crystal clear. It attracts divers from various places across the world. The white sandy beaches and tropical fish inhabiting the reefs are present in these islands within 50 feet off the shore.

Redang is much more into the market-based strategy of tourism. All accommodations on the island are resort- based. Pasir Panjang is the largest beach of the island which is to the east of the island. Around the north of the beach, there is more of debris and water is shifting.

Diving and snorkeling are done in the north bend of the island. Redang has tropical temperatures around 30°C with frequent thunderstorms. People living in Redang Island deal with agriculture, cultivation with cows, goats also poultry.

You can travel and reach Redang by Plane or a Boat from Malaysia. Visit and get your visa formalities completed.

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