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Malaysia one of the best tourist destination in the world

Malaysia is known for its tourist attractions. Malaysia is one of the most preferred locations when talking about tourist destinations. This place offers many tourist attractions to its visitors. Malaysia is also very economical, and offers different types cuisines.

Individuals willing to travel Malaysia for a holiday or visit should have, a valid passport with six months of validity. They should submit the purpose of visit and also disclose information about their return ticket by submitting a photo copy of their ticket or itinerary. Applicants of Malaysian visitor’s visa have to abide the rules and regulations of framed by the Malaysian immigration authorities.  They cannot undertake any type of employment, and also should show sufficient funds for their stay in Malaysia. Applicant has to mention all the details clearly in their application form. Malaysian immigration authorities take 24 hours to process application and require one day for stamping on passport. Visit visa will be granted for a period of 90 days. This visa cannot be extended.

When a visitor is applying for visa, they have to be in,

  • Good health
  • Good character [without any criminal background]
  • Furnish all the supporting documents

Visa can be denied by Malaysian immigration authorities if the applicant fails to submit or satisfy obligations mentioned, and also if the applicant having a criminal background.

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