Malaysia work permit allows you to work in Malaysia

With Malaysia becoming a hot spot for employment, a large number of prospective overseas workers are giving Malaysia a try. While you may find some good opportunities in Malaysia, you will need Malaysia work permit in order to go to Malaysia.

Read on to find more about professional Malaysia work permit and its requirements.

Malaysia work permit requirements:

You need to have the following documents in order to get Malaysia work permit.

Malaysia work permits are basically of three types:

  • Employment pass: This type of visa is given to people with special skills especially for managerial positions and the validity period is of two years. It is also given for professionals such as teachers, engineers, doctors and nurses. This type of visa can be extended up to ten years.
  • Temporary employment pass: It’s given for the contract employment, which is less than two years. The remuneration per month should be around RM 5000.
  • Professional visit pass: This is a visit pass for professionals who are employed with companies outside Malaysia. However, Malaysian employers might require their services under special circumstances. They are typically arranged by the employers and the validity period is six months.

The Malaysian work permit, which is also called as employment pass requires:

  1. Approval letter from the immigration department
  2. Valid passport
  3. Visa application form
  4. Reference letter
  5. Visa fee payment
  6. Bank statement (six months)
  7. Original air ticket (confirmed to and from)-two photocopies of the same
  8. Medical examination certificate confirming no contagious diseases
  9. Photocopies of education and experience certificates

Malaysia work permit for Indians:

The documents required for various work permits for Indians are the same. However, the visa fee varies. For Indians, the visa fee (max) is SGD 115.00

As visa fee and other norms are subject to change at any point, it is advisable to approach a visa consultancy to get Malaysia work permit.

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