Malaysia a Land of Opportunities

Malaysia a land of opportunitiesThe country which has a wide range of beautiful living environments from beach resorts to highlands, offer a breathtaking place for immigration. Malaysia is one of the countries which have the best diversity. The country is a blend of various customs, cuisines and religions. Malaysia is a unique country which is divided into two main landmasses.

Why work in Malaysia:

Many skilled workers opt to go Malaysia, and it is not always easy to find a job or get a permit. Once the skilled worker is in Malaysia then there are plenty of opportunities and Internations provide you with information on your work permit, health care, social security, taxes, and many other things. The country’s economy is one of the most successful in Asia. The country is also a prime center of Islamic finance, with women working in high number is Islamic banks. Malaysia employment statistics are gradually shifting towards the service sector.

Malaysia Work Permit

As Malaysia is a land of opportunities to the foreign skilled workers, every skilled worker must obtain a Malaysia work permit in order to enter and work in Malaysia.

Types of work permit in Malaysia:

The Malaysian government has three kinds of work visas:

  • Professional visit pass
  • Temporary employment pass
  • Employment pass

Professional visit pass:

This pass is issued to the foreigners who are employed in an overseas company but working with the company in Malaysia. The professional pass is appropriate for technical experts and trainees and is usually valid for short periods of around six months to a year.

Temporary employments pass:

This pass is for semi – skilled worker in the manufacturing agriculture and construction and services fields. This pass is normally valid for three years with extensions available on a yearly basis.

Employment passes:

This pass is for those who want to work in Malaysia and who have met the general requirement of skills or managerial positions. This pass is usually issues for two years.

Obtaining a work permit for Malaysia

The following are some of the documents are required to produce along with the Malaysia work permit.

  • Application letter and appointment letter from the employer
  • Acceptance letter or employment contract
  • Visa application form
  • Approval letter from the ministry of home affairs
  • Receipt of the payment of the application
  • Copy of applicants valid passport
  • Applicant’s CV and qualifications

Health report from applicant’s country approved by the Malaysian ministry of health

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