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Malacca-Malaysia the Heritage city
Posted on: 07 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Malaysia Tourist Visa , Malaysia travel visa , Opulentus ,

Tourist visa - Malacca-MalaysiaMalacca City is the capital of the Malaysian state of Malacca. In 2008, Together with George Town of Penang, Malacca was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its long history. Malacca Malaysia is a must visit UNESCO world heritage site of the world. There are so many heritage sites such as ruins of forts, colonial buildings, temples, churches and old architecture that only can be seen in Malacca. Malacca Malaysia was built & destroyed several times. All the rulers have left their footprints in the city which add to the beautification of Malacca. What could not be demolished or modified was its pure air and walkable land. There are so much more to visit in Malacca besides the water and the parks. The tourists are always eager to see the Dutch Square and miles of area.

Top 10 Heritage Sites to Visit in Melaka (Malacca):

  1. St Paul’s Hill: It was first built up as a Chapel in 1521. In order to see the church you have to climb up St Paul’s Hill.
  2. St Peter’s Church: There is a bell in the Church that mentions that the building was erected in early seventeenth century.
  3. Christ Church Melaka: Christ Church Melaka is in the city centre which is best known as red square. You will not miss this among other places to visit in Melaka.
  4. Syed Al Attas Mansion: This building reminds of the Muslim rule in Malacca. Today, the place serves as the Penang Islamic Museum. You may visit the museum between 9:30 am to 6:00 pm any day other than Tuesday.
  5. Heeren Street: it was famous as the “Millionaires’ Row”. Walk in the Heeren Street and be glad since you are lucky enough to visit the place that once welcomed only the richest
  6. The Stadthuys: The Stadthuys is reserved as a Museum of History and Ethnography today. The place stores some of traditional costumes and artefacts that remind you of the history of Malacca.
  7. Cheng HoonTeng Chinese Temple: “Temple of Green Cloud” reflects the Chinese architecture in Malacca.
  8. Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain: Almost every tourist to Melaka likes to have a snap by this fountain since it is beautiful and historical. Getting here early is the key else you might have to get in a queue to take a picture with fountain.
  9. Dutch Square: Built by the British in the 17th century.
  10. River Melaka: Here the Tan Kim Seng Bridge is most famous as well as important. You can find the bridge near Clock tower.
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