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Kuala Lumpur 10th finance capital!
Posted on: 01 Jan 2013  |   Tags: Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia Economy , Malaysia Exports ,

Malaysia is going in the right direction towards its goal of an economic power. From a commodity exporter, it is concentrating on value additions. For instance, Palm oil is Malaysia's major export earner. Now research is on value addition for palm oil. Malaysia is concentrating on financial sector to become a financial centre like Singapore and Hong Kong. While it may have a long way to go to reach that scale, Kuala Lumpur is increasing the share of the financial sector up to 10.9% of the GDP. Kuala Lumpur has already figured as 10th hot spot in a group of 120 countries as the rising power centre after Paris, Washington and Boston. It is the leaders' vision that is behind Malaysia's growth, and in particular the development of Kuala Lumpur that had the humble beginning of a tin-mining town to today's top financial centre.

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