Get Malaysia Work Permit to bag amazing opportunities

Malaysia Work PermitWant to work in Malaysia? Do you want to know information about Malaysia Work Permit? Well, keep reading to find out the requirements and types of Malaysia Work Permits.

Why Malaysia?  

Filled with breath-taking landscapes, beautiful resorts, towering skyscrapers, rugged mountains and sandy beaches, Malaysia is a place that has much to offer for everyone. Potential aspirants have many reasons to choose Malaysia immigration, including greater living standards, ample working opportunities and good work-life balance.

Malaysia Work Permit

Foreign nationals who desire to work in Malaysia must obtain a Malaysia Work Permit to enter the country for work purpose. However, Malaysian companies are subjected to a number of restrictions to recruit foreign workers. Employers willing to hire overseas workers must demonstrate the government that there is no local employee to fill the position and bringing in potential employee is extremely important.

Malaysia Work Permits are granted for minimum six months and maximum five years, depending on the duration of the work contract and the type of visa.

Types of Malaysia Work Permits

Malaysia Work Permits are chiefly categorized into three types such as:

Professional Visit Pass

Professional Visit Pass is for immigrants who are employed by an international company but working with a company in Malaysia. In general, this type of Malaysia Work Permit suits well for technical experts and trainees and volunteers. Foreigners whose work contract is between six months and a year can apply for this type of Malaysia Work Permit.

Temporary Employment Pass

Temporary Employment Pass is for unskilled or semi-skilled people, who are set to work in agriculture, manufacturing, service and construction fields. The pay for these professionals will not be more than RM5,000 per month. This type of Malaysia Work Permit is valid for three years with the possibility of extension.

Employment Pass

This type of Malaysia Work Permit is for people who have special skills mostly in managerial and technical positions. Generally, the visa will be granted for a two-year period. Prior to the issuance of Employment Pass, the employment of the overseas national must be authorized by the Expatriate Committee or the relevant regulatory agency.

Malaysia Work Permit requirements

People who are applying for the Malaysia Work Permit must hold the following documents at the time of lodging application.

  • Application letter and employment letter from the employer
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Approval letter from Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Medical report from your place of origin authorized by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia

Besides these, there are other requirements that are needed to be fulfilled by the applicants of Malaysia Work Permit.

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